my neglected fish tank

Sometimes we wake from a dream and realize we’ve been dreaming some part of that dream over and over again. This morning I woke from a dream with the knowledge that I had dreamed about the same fish tank many times in the past.

The fish tank, covered by some kind of sheet, had been neglected by me for such a long time that no fish could possibly be alive. So I left it alone and continued to ignore it.

Eventually I decided to remove the cover, though I really did not want to. But I did. To my surprise, most of the fish were alive, some were sick, and some were dead, including two fancy goldfish.

I decided to rededicate myself to the care of my fish. I started by removing the dead ones with a net.

What part of me have I given up on? What part must I uncover?


4 thoughts on “my neglected fish tank

  1. I wish you’d start posting again, jswissman. I wouldn’t mind reading your new poetry/thoughts. I’ve read A Cigarette at least a thousand times by now — the pages are already getting yellowish.



  2. I may do that. I’ll take a look and see if I’ve written anything I like in the last several months. I don’t write much anymore. I have a hard copy of something I wrote a couple of weeks ago…I’ll see about putting that up.

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